By Lisa

I. Hate. Pull. Ups.

I mean, I really hate pull ups. I have been doing CrossFit for more than three years and I’ve yet to look like a graceful butterfly up on that bar. My lack of pull ups is embarassing and it causes me a boatload of anxiety. I’ve gone from cherry-picking to ambivalence to straight-up hatred for the movement over the past several years. I had strict pull ups for a short amount of time, but I never mastered the kip. Read all about that story here. There’s someting about the kipping pull up I just can’t get. My body just won’t register that movement for some reason.


My struggle with pull ups goes back to the very beginning and I always feel like I take one step forward and two steps back when it comes to this elusive movement. Things were going pretty good with my strict pull ups, but I had surgery for Melanoma on my back and had to take six weeks off physical activity. Between the cut through the Teres Major and Minor on the right side of my back, the time off for recovery and the residual weight gain — poof: strict pull ups gone. We’ve been working on strict pull up strength in CrossFit 101 weekly for the last three weeks and I’m still having a really hard time pulling myself over the bar, even with a green band. WTF? I could just scream!

Let’s Do Someting About It! 

Screenshot 2015-07-27 06.50.06I’ve never been one to sit around and moan about what I can’t do and I know that you aren’t either. We are going to get it on! Please join me on an eight week, three time per week pull up progression series that will be featured in CrossFit 101. It’s going to take some dedication, but we are going to build the strength necessary to achieve a strict pull up in 24 sessions. For reals! Come prepared to work on your pull up technique and the required strength needed to make those pull ups happen for all eiqht weeks. I’m going to be right beside you, concentrating and focusing on these movements…and we are going to have those strict pull ups in time for Hotshots 19.

Mark. My. Word.