Crossfit Incendia Programs & Classes


CrossFit classes are advanced, with intense and complex workouts. You will find extensive strength training, bodyweight mastery, metabolic conditioning and proper recovery methods in these group fitness classes.

CrossFit 101

High-intensity interval training workouts are guaranteed to make you break a sweat in 45 minutes or less. The core-intensive, cardio-heavy, fat-blasting sessions don’t require any prior CrossFit experience.

Specialty Program

Incendia Barbell

Technique focused barbell practice under the guidance of experienced lifting coaches with extensive experience in the sport of weightlifting. Program cycles are specifically designed to develop strength and confidence for beginning to advanced lifters.

Specialty Program


Incendia Endurance is a Running and Endurance class for those seeking to improve their form, achieve race and distance goals, better their WOD times, and increase their overall fitness level. Led by Coach Esteban, a Division 1 College Sprinter, all our Endurance Coaches are Level 1 CrossFit Trainers and CrossFit Endurance Trainers.

Specialty Program


Incendia Strongman integrates the Strongman Movement/Energy System into the constantly-varied CrossFit Model. We mix old-school strongman movements with new-school programming to help you move large loads long distances quickly by lifting awkward and heavy objects.

Lift heavy sh*t with Coach Don, a 25-year Strongman Veteran, on Thursdays at 5pm or Saturdays at 8am. We guarantee you’ll have the most fun you can have while getting stronger, super-jacked and sexier all-around!