By Lisa

Not only is it Referral Time, but the entire winning team of the Paleo Challenge 4.0 received a free month of membership as the top prize. How cool is that?

If you haven’t heard about our generous Incendia Referral Program, please click here. All Incendians can earn free months of membership. It’s super easy.

We are giving away over $3600 in membership fees for the month of June. Wowza!

So, who’s WODding for FREE in June?

  • Pam H (Madison H)
  • Susie H (Mark H)
  • Rhonda B (Amanda G)
  • Jillian H (Andrea K)
  • David B (Mark P)
  • Tania V (Stephanie D)
  • Steve P (Jenn P)
  • Stephanie T (Paleo Winner)
  • Josh H (Paleo Winner)
  • Adam F (Team Harris)
  • Amanda W (Team Harris)
  • Gunnar H (Team Harris)
  • Melody C (Team Harris)
  • Randi G (Team Harris)
  • Sherri T (Team Harris)
  • Annabel S (Team Harris)
  • Casi T (Team Harris)
  • Holly M (Team Harris)
  • Leigha G (Team Harris)
  • Nicole M (Team Harris)
  • Sarah F (Team Harris)
  • Vanessa K (Team Harris)
  • Wade T (Team Harris)