By Lisa

Yep, it’s that time of the month again! This is the time we get to show our appreciation to all the fabulous Incendians that have helped this place grow into the biggest and best box in the Northwest Valley by giving away FREE MEMBERSHIPS. It’s because of you, that Incendia has the best community in town. It’s because of you, that we can offer 107 classes per week ranging from CrossFit 101 to CrossFit to CrossFit Prep to CrossFit Teens to CrossFit Kids to CrossFit Endurance to CrossFit Yoga to Matt’s MOB to Strongman to Incendia Barbell. It’s because of you that we can offer supervised babysitting in our Incendia KidCare Center. It’s because of you that we’ve raised and donated more than $25,000 to charity in the last year. It’s because of you that we have the Incendia Networking Connection (InBC). YOU are the lifeblood of Incendia and we thank you.

We already give away one month’s free membership for each referral you send in when that athlete stays for free full months and that isn’t going to change….but we’ve decided to KICK THINGS UP A NOTCH for the 1st Quarter of 2015. That’s right! The Incendia Member who refers the most monthly members between now and March 31, 2015 will receive FREE Membership until January 2016. That’s NINE MONTHS for FREE! Watch for a Leaderboard to hit the gym next week so you can see exactly where you stand.

There are just a couple requirements: 

1) Your referral must sign up for a monthly membership for either CrossFit, CrossFit 101, CrossFit Prep or CrossFit Teens to qualify.
2) Your referral must put your name on their application so we can give you credit.

Read all about our monthly referral program here. So, who’s WODding for FREE in February?

  • Amanda McM (Patrick E)
  • Jackie G (Patricia G)
  • Mike S (James L)
  • Sandra L (Dave L)
  • David D (Ben B)
  • Candace D (Samantha R)
  • Angie B (Katelyn L)
  • Davien M (Paul M)