By Lisa

We LOVE Halloween. We opened CrossFit Incendia just after Halloween in 2012, but still dressed up and welcomed Trick or Treaters in the new, but not-yet-open gym that year. All those kids and parents were probably asking themselves, “Seriously, what’s up with these people that give out pencils and apples?!” In 2013, we hosted our first HalloWOD event and had a ton of fun dressing up and working out. We got our entire family involved and knew that HalloWOD would become one of our signature events throughout the years.

HalloWOD 2013

HalloWOD 2013

As we began planning for this year, we knew that the gym was going to be too large to do a single event, so the day of October 29, 2014 became “HalloWOD Day.” We made special WODs for CrossFit and CrossFit 101 and opened all 10 class times to all athletes so everyone could WOD together. We also announced a costume contest for the best Male and Female costumes. The winner of each category would receive a free month of membership.

W E L L… guys blew our socks off with your costumes and participation so we had to change things up a little up. The winner of the best Male Costume goes to Coach Esteban for his rendition of the “Incredible Hulk.” Since Coach E is on the payroll, he’ll receive an Xendurance prize pack. The winner of the best Female Costume goes to Michele S. for her “Foxy Brown.” Michele will get November Membeship for free.

We also had to add in a “Team” Division because one team rocked our world with a little bit of salt and lime. That’s right, “Team NorCal” came in hot and also deserves a win. Each of these ladies will receive a $25 Incendia Credit to use in any manner they choose….from membership to the Incendia Store.

Thank you to everyone for participating and making the day so much fun! Until next year…..