What’s Up With the Bait and Switch?

By Coach Lisa

The CrossFit 101 Program is my baby. I’m not even kidding. I love CrossFit 101 like it’s my third child. Just like any mom, I find myself being equally parts protective, proud and wanting to see each participant succeed in the way I know they absolutely can.

Over the last four years, I’ve shed tears of happiness when athletes have conquered a goal/movement/time they never thought possible and I’ve shed tears of sadness when things haven’t worked out exactly as I had hoped. You see, I’m a 101’er, too! I love the 101 Method of Fitness. Most of the workouts are super fun….challenging, yet fun. Sometimes the workouts aren’t so fun….but, anything we do is necessary to achieve fitness. Fitness is what we’re here for, right?!

Part of the CrossFit Prescription is the programming of monostructural (one movement) workouts, along with Gymnastics and Weightlifting. According to the CrossFit Journal, the metabolic conditioning part of exercise is monostructural activities commonly referred to as “cardio,” the purpose of which is primarily to improve cardiorespiratory capacity and stamina. We mix our workouts to include one, two and three elements to achieve maximum impact and unrivaled in bodily response. So what does all that mumbo jumbo mean? Basically, monostructural days are necessary to ensure that we are hitting all the metabolic pathways in a given programming week.

I’ve learned a lot over the last four years. I’ve learned that there are certain movements or exercises that athletes may find undesirable. I’ve learned that most 101 athletes don’t like it when we do one “cardio” movement like running, biking, rowing or jumping. I’ve learned that athletes are more likely to skip workouts on the days we’re doing monstructural work. (Heck, those aren’t my favorite things to do either!)

After a dismal showing for the October 6, 2016 5K (only twenty 101 athletes in an entire day!), I decided to try something different to help athletes complete a workout they might not necessarily show up for. So, I devised the “Bait and Switch” you saw today. I posted up a super fun-looking AMRAP, but planned a 20 Minute Assault Bike AMRAP instead. Guess what?  We had a 200% increase in attendance over the 5K last week!

I heard several times from athletes that they were happy they didn’t know what was coming their way today because they would have skipped it. Instead, you all did the workout, got a good sweat on and increased your level of fitness. I’m sorry for the trick, but I knew what would happen (low attendance) if I posted the real workout. Plus, I like to keep you on your toes. Four years is a long time to keep things fresh and exciting, while delivering the results you’ve come to know and love from your CrossFit 101 Program.

Thank you to everyone who rolled with the punches and took the change like a champ today. Drink lots of water and enjoy your Rest Day tomorrow.

I am so proud of you. Just like a mom. 

  • Anna Selby

    You absolutely rock???? I love this post as it is not only educational but your passion for Incendia shows. Thank you for bein you; we appreciate you!