Welcome Incendia Ignite

We (quietly) kicked off Incendia Ignite this week to test the waters of our new beginner-level programming structure. Did you guys notice those cardio-intense workouts in your regular “CrossFit 101” classes on Monday/Wednesday/Friday? That was IGNITE!

Since the beginning of Incendia in November 2012, we have taken a different approach to beginners. We’ve taken some heat from other gyms about our beginner-level programs and we just smile because we know that our method is the best method for beginners. Rather than throw someone who has never held a barbell right into our regular CrossFit Classes, we prefer to ease athletes into CrossFit Exercise and teach Olympic Lifts/Gymnastic Skills in a small, controlled environment. The reasons for this approach are numerous, but there are two big deciding factors for this method:

1) Safety. How many times have you heard from friends, friends of friends, your mom or the Internet that CrossFit is dangerous? Most of the time this perception comes from injuries that resulted from poorly trained, inexperienced coaches who put new, inexperienced athletes in with the general population and overload them with weight. We don’t want you to get hurt because we know how beneficial CrossFit is to your daily and long-term health. Baby steps.

2) Coaching. Have you ever been in a CrossFit Class with an athlete who is brand new….and snatch is on the menu? Like most people, the “new” athlete has only thought of “snatch” as the non-Olympic Weightlifting version of the word. That poor athlete has no idea what they’re doing and the coach of the class of 12 athletes must put all their focus into that one person; thereby, giving little attention to the other athletes in the class. The result of this model is that the “old” athletes feel ignored and the “new” athlete feels embarrassed because all the attention is on him or her. Throw in two or three new athletes into that class and the frustration for everyone just multiplies. Our coaches are amazing and could most definitely handle this situation, but why put athletes in this position when there is a better way?

So, how do you teach beginners Olympic Lifts and Gymnastic Skills so that they can progress to regular CrossFit (if they so desire)? That has been the struggle.

When we began, we had a three-tired program: CrossFit 101 (beginner) – CrossFit Prep (lifts & skills) – CrossFit (advanced). CrossFit 101 athletes could attend CrossFit Prep classes and then “test out” into CrossFit when they and their coach felt they had achieved the necessary skills to perform CrossFit safely. This was a great system, but some athletes felt it was difficult to attend the “extra” Prep Classes so we eliminated Prep and put the lifts/skills into CrossFit 101. We then found that not all athletes wanted to learn lifts/skills and really enjoyed the longer metcons that were a focus of CrossFit 101 for so many years. Based on this feedback, we decided to change things up again and INCENDIA IGNITE was born. (Coach Holland is the one who gave this program its name and we LOVE it!)

How Incendia Ignite works:

  • Incendia Ignite classes are 45 minutes long and held on Monday/Wednesday/Friday.
  • Incendia Ignite is included in all CrossFit and CrossFit 101 memberships.
  • Incendia Ignite classes are truly beginner-level and the barbell is completely omitted from programming.
  • Incendia Ignite workouts are longer, cardio-based, high intensity workouts.
  • Incendia Ignite Only memberships are available for $110 per month.  Athletes can only attend Ignite Classes and the FREE Saturday CrossFit 101 class with this membership.
  • Incendia Ignite Only memberships do not include Incendia Specialty Classes.

How CrossFit 101 works:

  • CrossFit 101 classes are one hour long and held on Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday/Sunday.
  • CrossFit 101 classes on Tuesday/Thursday/Sunday will include a lifting/skill/strength-development program to help athletes advance to CrossFit.
  • CrossFit 101 athletes can “test out” into regular CrossFit with a coach once they have a basic understanding of the CrossFit Lifts/Skills.
  • CrossFit 101 memberships are unlimited and Incendia Specialty Classes/Ignite are included.

New athletes can sign up for either program and receive a week for FREE. As always, CrossFit Athletes may attend any and all Incendia Classes as part of their unlimited memberships.  We hope you’ll like this exciting new class option for 2016.

IGNITE your health. IGNITE your passion. IGNITE YOUR LIFE!