By Brian


The 2013 CrossFit Games Season is upon us. For serious CrossFitters, this time of the year is pure magic. All the local competitions we participate in pale in comparison to this moment. Our focus begins with the Open, which leads us to the Regionals, and finally, the CrossFit Games.

The. Games. Are. A. Big. Deal.

For those new to the sport of CrossFit, the CrossFit Games is all about finding the fittest Man, Woman and Affiliate Team on Earth. Each week CrossFit HQ releases a workout on the CrossFit Games site. Athletes have until Sunday night to submit individual scores for each WOD. The scores must be validated, either by video submission or our Incendia Coaches. Incendia will be doing each weekly WOD on Saturdays, beginning March 9, 2013. Each WOD will be run like a competition, complete with heats and judges.

“But Brian, what if I can’t make it in on Saturday? Are my hopes and dreams of CrossFit Superstardom forever crushed?”

No worries! We will have judges available on Thursdays during Open Gym and for a small window on Sundays. You can also contact Lisa or me to schedule a time before or after classes. There are no excuses for not getting your CrossFit Games WOD on (not even a cruise, Peach & DoDo!).

So, who should sign up?

EVERYONE! The CrossFit Games Open is designed for 90% of the CrossFitters out there. The Open WODs can be performed just about anywhere in the world, with minimal equipment (remember seven minutes of burpees?). Once you log your score, you can compare your times against other CrossFitters all over the globe. And, competition is FUN! Not to mention, this is a chance to go head-to-head with members from our gym that might work out at a different time….

How Does This All Work?

At the end of the Open, the top 48 Men,  48 Women, and  30 Teams in the Southwest Region will advance to Regionals in Utah. At that point, the top three Men, Women  and Teams go to the CrossFit Games. We have a huge pool of talent at Incendia. I truly believe that we can field a team for Regionals. (Road trip, anyone?)

But, I’m not that good?

Everyone has the things that they are good at and the things that they are not so good at in CrossFit. What if the thing you are good at comes out of the hopper? You never know. Let’s take our training to the next level with some competition. Competition is where we get PRs, we lift more and we move faster. Don’t you want to see what you can do? 101’ers, you are welcome to participate, too. We will be doing scaled down versions of each WOD.

I may not win the CrossFit Games this year (I expect to peak in 2019 when I hit the Masters), but I’m going to attack every WOD like it’s for the title. And, I’m going to have a hell of a lot of fun doing it. If Rich Froning wants to three-peat as the CrossFit Games Champ, he’s going to have to beat me to get there! Where else can you go head-to-head with the top talent in the sport besides CrossFit? How cool is that?

Sign up for the CrossFit Games here. Hurry, you only have until Sunday, March 10th.