Get Fit Fast with CrossFit 101

This non-barbell CrossFit Program has been around since Incendia was born in November of 2012. Utilized as an introductory program ­to CrossFit, we introduce athletes to intense cardiovascular workouts (hello burpees!) in a group setting, under the watchful eye of a coach. We place a strong emphasis on proper mechanics as we help you increase your conditioning level and fitness skills. Workouts are highly varied and can last from five to 30 minutes.

A five-minute workout? Are you nuts? How will that help me get fit? Actually, five-minute workouts can be the toughest you’ll ever take on because of the level of intensity involved. Trust us. Go try a 5-minute AMRAP of 10 burpees and 10 wall balls and let us know what you think.

CrossFit 101 workouts are great for beginners because we focus on movement quality, but 101 is not just for beginners. Don’t let the name fool you! CrossFit 101 is not easy. Like all CrossFit WODs, the workouts are scalable and can be made more or less difficult, depending on your fitness level.

But, Lifting is so Hawt Right Now!

We took a lot of flack from some of the serious “we’re-all-about-weightlifting-affiliates” for creating this program in the beginning. Heck, we still experience little digs here and there, but we pay no attention because we know that they do not know how awesome 101 is. We provide fitness opportunities for EVERYONE at CrossFit Incendia.

Guess what? Not everyone wants to lift weights. Yep, we said it. Furthermore, just because you’re not lifting weights doesn’t mean you aren’t getting fit by participating in intense exercise. Some people will even tell you that they prefer CrossFit 101 to regular CrossFit because they don’t want to lift weights. The classes are fast and they kick your ass. Don’t believe us? Come try a CrossFit 101 class for FREE!


When we first opened, we only offered 30 (total) classes each week, staggered between CrossFit and CrossFit 101. There were 13 CrossFit Classes and 16 CrossFit 101 Classes available each week. Notice that CrossFit 101 Classes were only held three times per week back then, with the FREE Class on Saturdays. Since CrossFit 101 was only meant to be a 3x per week program, we priced it at less than our regular CrossFit Membership at $110 per month (vs. $150 per month for regular CrossFit).

Original CrossFit Incendia Class Schedule

We noticed that our Tuesdays and Thursdays were pretty open and it was important to us to start a CrossFit Kids program because, well – we have kids and so do all of you! We figured Tuesday and Thursday afternoons would be a great time and we used the 5pm hour to provide two types of Kids’ Classes for ages 4-12 years. We also added Incendia Yoga on Thursday mornings at 9am. Then CrossFit 101 absolutely exploded! We experienced some overcrowding issues and needed additional equipment and classes, so we took a small price increase for new members at $120 per month (old members were grandfathered in).

In April 2014, we expanded and CrossFit 101 was given it’s own space (where currently located). Finally we no longer had to share with CrossFit and follow the staggered class method. CrossFit 101 just kept getting more and more popular so we took a look at the schedule and figured out times on Tuesday and Thursday that we could add even more classes. By then, we had begun our CrossFit Teens, CrossFit Prep and CrossFit Endurance Programs and they each had a place on the schedule that we had to work around.

This takes us to today’s schedule. We now offer 110 classes (38 of which are CrossFit 101) Monday through Saturday. We increased the original CrossFit 101 offerings by more than 150%, while adding in the FREE Specialty programs: Endurance, Strongman, Yoga, Mobility and Barbell…..and we never took a price increase in more than two years. Our goal has always been to be your premier CrossFit box in the Northwest Valley, where you have access to everything we offer at an all-included price. We don’t do bait and switch and we don’t lure you in with a false low price just so we can increase it on you after your first month or two. For us, that’s just a bullshit way to do business. It’s not authentic, it’s not fair and it’s not something we’ll ever take part in. We also aren’t bare bones. We’ve always taken the “Nordstrom” approach so we can give you the best of the best, often times before you even realized that you were missing something. But, we have to look at the increased expense of giving the Incendians everything they’ve ever wanted (Sunday classes, Open Gym and more specialty classes coming soon).

Current Class Schedule 6-12-15

With the addition of Sundays, CrossFit 101 will now be a 7x per week program, but we just cannot continue to charge like it’s a 3x per week program. We made the difficult decision to increase pricing for CrossFit 101 and CrossFit Prep, beginning July 1st. Current members will not see an increase unless they leave or hold for more than three months or if they “move up in program.” (i.e. CrossFit 101 to Prep or Prep to CrossFit). What is really cool is that every adult Incendian will pay the same price and every adult Incendian will have access to every single class we offer in their level – as much and as often as they want*. (You’ll still need to go through Prep to get to CrossFit, but you won’t pay more for the additional instruction). Once you “move up,” you can do a combo of CrossFit/CrossFit 101/Specialty Classes seven days a week if you desire. The new all-included price for all new adult Incendians is $150 per month. Discounts up to 15% are still available, too. *For safety reasons, you cannot do the same class twice in one day.

“But, I want to do CrossFit 101 on Tuesday/Thursday at 4pm & 5pm!”

We know you do and we wish we could provide it for you; however, we would have to scrap the CrossFit Teens and CrossFit Kids Programs to make this happen (or blow another wall down to expand). The kiddos have been on the schedule since before Tuesday & Thursday CrossFit 101 was ever even a possibility and it wouldn’t be fair to them to get rid of an amazing youth fitness program. We hope that you can find some comfort in knowing that Tuesday/Thursday are really “bonus days” right now.

101 4 Life

Not sure if CrossFit 101 is for you? Come check it out. Your first class is always FREE, no matter what day you attend. Saturday 9am Classes are also FREE. CrossFit 101 has some rabid fans. See what they have to say about this kick ass workout program:

“Love 101 (on most days )! I feel challenged then accomplished and amazing for the rest of the day. It simply works for me better than anything I have ever done. I have lifted in the past, not my thing.” — Dolly M.

“I’m not competitive, so I feel like 101 is better suited for me to compete against myself and it’s what works for me! Also, I became an “athlete” at 31 years old when I started 101 at Incendia. I like to think of myself as still training to get into CrossFit one day when my body/mind tells me it’s time. If that happens!! 101 is still a challenge to me every time!” — Sarah F.

“Why do I like 101 over the other programs? A few reasons! First, the bar makes me uncomfortable (as does the idea of doing anything upside down). I don’t know why, it just does and instead of fighting it you offer an option (101) that I can enjoy. Second, I love that the classes are typically only 45mins. This sounds so lame, but with my job and other commitments I don’t have as much time as I wish to devote to being at the gym. Finally, it’s an amazing cardio workout. I’ve always loved ‘bootcamp’ style workouts and I get the best results (for me) from the fast paced, body weight workouts.” — Stephanie B.

“101 4 Life” — Lana S.