The 2016 CrossFit Games Open Comes to an End

By Coach BV

Over the past five weeks, we have been given an unbiased test of fitness and now we are ranked alongside hundreds of thousands of like-minded individuals (some of who are the fittest on earth.) With the 2016 CrossFit Open coming to an end, it is time to reflect on not only these past five weeks but also how far we have come to get here. Over the past five weeks, Fridays and Sundays have been some of the most exciting days ever in our little box. We have seen a tremendous amount of PRs, workout “firsts,” people getting outside their comfort zones, and absolutely killing it! From seeing numerous amounts of first muscle ups, to people RX’ing all five workouts….it has all been awesome to watch. To all of the cheers, support, and encouragement and for all of the people who came early and stayed late, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. It was been an amazing five weeks.

Now is also the time to start thinking about next year, and where we want to go as a gym. My goal is to continue to improve all of our members health and fitness through CrossFit, continue to build our competition team and our masters athletes, and to qualify a team for Regionals in 2017. I want you all to think about your fitness related goals as well. They can be as simple as RX’ing a workout, moving up from 101 to CrossFit, run a 5k, get off a medication, keep up with your kids at the park or just to look better naked. If you feel comfortable please share your goals in the comments, with a group of friends, or on social media. This will give you some accountability and help keep you motivated throughout the process.

To achieve my goal of improving the health and fitness of our members, I will be re-evaluating the programming over the past year along with Wodify results to make sure we continue heading in the right direction. I will also be analyzing the past two years results of how our gym performed in the CrossFit Open to fill in any gaps in programming. We are also looking at opening up the lifting platforms during more classes to allow athletes time and space for some extra strength/olympic lifting training.

Training for the 2017 CrossFit Games season begins on April 4th. I want everyone to take this week as an active recovery/de-load week. The five weeks of the Open can be rough, and we need to go easy for a bit to let our bodies fully recover for the next phase of training. Programming this week will be light, with not a lot of extra strength of skill work. Come in, get your hour of fitness in, and call it good. I will be doing the same and using this week for some biking, hiking, and rest. Please fight the urge to double up on classes, your body will thank you.