By Lisa

You asked, we listened! Two more 101 classes per day to relieve some of the overcrowding? Check. Student Athlete program for high school students? Check. More CrossFit Prep times? Check. A running/endurance club taught by someone that knows a thing or two about running? Check.

We now offer 11 classes per day on Mondays/Wednesday/Fridays and open the Gym for 50 class times per week. That’s at least 200 Incendia opportunities for you per month. Wow! The new class schedule goes into effect on April 1st. Please be sure to pay attention to the changes because your favorite afternoon class may have shifted by about 15 minutes either earlier or later to accommodate the additional class offerings.

We are excited to announce two new programs that go into effect April 1st with the schedule change: The Burners and Student Athlete.

The Burners is a Running and Endurance club for those seeking to improve their form, achieve race and distance goals, and increase their overall fitness level. Taught by an RRCA Certified Running Coach, the class will involve a variety of running and some rowing, from long slow distance, to intervals, to trails, and timed road races. The Burners is free for all of our members. (Non-members can also join in on the “run” for $10.)

Student Athlete is a CrossFit-based Strength and Conditioning Program for High School Athletes in their off-season. This program focuses on speed, agility, power, strength and endurance, but is designed especially for youth. Athletes will learn proper weightlifting mechanics and WOD each class time. This program is about more than just building fitness. Our Student Athletes will learn about healthy nutrition, respect, dedication, desire and motivation in a supportive, disciplined environment. Classes meet three days per week. Rate is $100 per month (includes discount), $18 daily or 10 sessions for $160.

If you have any ideas for additional class offerings that work with our existing schedule, please let us know! Next up: CrossFit Kids.