By Lisa

So, this is the big weekend! One Pro-Male and three Teams representing CrossFit Incendia will take on several hundred other athletes for the title of “Sicest in the Southwest II” at the Europa Fitness Expo, held Saturday, October 19 at the Phoenix Convention Center. There is a $15,000 prize purse on the line and competition is sure to be fierce.

This is your CrossFit Incendia Athlete Line Up:

  • Pro-Male: Bryan Holland
  • RX Team 1: Chris Petrie, Brian Vayda, Kaylie Moran, Kristin Broberg
  • RX Team2: Trent Broberg, Kevin Janssen, Amanda Walker, Julia Rice
  • Intermediate Team: Bruce Ptacek, Brandson Vasconcellos, Jorday Garday, Amberly Moskop

So, how did these athletes qualify to go Pro or make a team?

Bryan qualified as a “Pro” because he was one of the Top 100 male athletes in our region in the CrossFit Open. The Teams were selected through a special “Locals Only” Competition held at CrossFit Incendia on September 21, 2013. These athletes placed in the Top 6 and were ranked based on their finishing position. Good luck Incendians! We will be there – rocking the orange – cheering you on. Please join us as we support Team Incendia.

If you missed “Locals Only,” please check out this video recap.