September Athlete of the Month – Amberly Moskop

When Amberly first came to Incendia, she jumped right in. From Day 1, she said that she wanted to compete and has spent the last six months honing her technique and turning her body into CrossFit Machine. She took part in the Spring 2013 Paleo Challenge and walked away as the female winner. Amberly has also faithfully attended the Olympic Lifting Class and regularly lifts with the Competitors. She can nail an overhead squat  like nobody’s business and she is a handstand push up machine! We look forward to watching Amberly as she takes on her first competition season. We are sure that she is going to do amazing.

When did you start CrossFit:

I started CrossFit around the end of March this year.

Why did you start CrossFit:

I was in my 3rd semester of nursing school and I found myself feeling just really crappy and in the worst shape of my life.  I just couldn’t motivate myself to go to the gym and I was just bored with it.  I had wanted to try CrossFit for years, but always found an excuse not to (too far, too expensive, don’t have time).  When I was finally fed up with feeling like crap, I decided to look up CrossFit gyms in the area.  I found out that Incendia was right down the street.  I very nervously came in to try a workout.  I’ve been hooked ever since!

What kept you coming back/motivated:

The amazing people at Incendia are what keep me coming back.  The community here just can’t be beat.  Everyone is always so encouraging and it motivates me to push myself harder and really test my limits.

What is the best thing you have gotten out of doing CrossFit?

I am stronger and healthier than I have ever been.  I went to the gym before, but you just can’t replicate the intensity that you get from doing CrossFit, especially at Inendia.  It really motivates and pushes you. There is nothing better than getting a faster time, or hitting a heavier lift than I could a few months before.  I also find that CrossFit is very humbling.  I like that there are things I’m good at and there are things I’m terrible at.  It constantly challenges me and gives me something to work towards.

What is the one thing you have done here that you never thought you could do?

Lots of things!  I had never really done Oly Lifts before.  They really intimidated me and now I love them.  Squatting 230 pounds was also pretty exciting for me!

What is one goal you have reached? And one goal you still hope to reach?

I have never been able to do strict pull ups.  It has always eluded me and it was really frustrating.  I can do 3 now, which doesn’t sound like much but it’s 3 more than I could do before!  My next goal is muscle ups.  I’m working on them as much as I can.

How has your diet changed since starting CrossFit?

I did the Paleo Challenge that started last April.  I took it pretty seriously and ate strict the whole time.  That challenge was one of the best things I’ve ever done.  I felt so much better after cutting out grains and dairy and I got to eat lots of bacon (bonus!). I still eat paleo and continue to see results.  It took a good 6 weeks before I really noticed a change, so I really encourage people to stick with it!  I try to convert people all the time; they probably think I’m crazy!

Additional comments/anything you’d like to add?

The Incendia community has been such an incredible blessing in my life.  I’ve met so many amazing people who support and encourage me both inside the gym and outside the gym.  The only thing I regret is not coming in sooner!