By Lisa

Join us Sunday, March 30th for a Save the Pandas Celebration and BBQ immediately following the 14.5 Make Up Session that begins at 9am. We’ll probably kick off the festivities around 11am. We’ll provide burgers and ask that you bring (Paleo) sides and your favorite beverage. There will be a bounce house for the kiddos and we’re seriously considering busting out the cornhole boards for some bag action. We’ll also have a professional photographer on site for one ginormous, big-ass group photo shoot for our website. Please wear your Panda shirt for the photo op. If you don’t have one, you can still buy one today!

Panda Shirt

What’s the Deal With the Pandas, Anyway?

Incendia’s first CrossFit Open was in 2013 and this is only our second year of participation. We had a goal of having maybe 50 athletes on our team, but you guys got crazy. We ended up with 137 athletes on the Incendia Team and we are the second largest team in the entire Southwest Region! That is impressive for a little gym that isn’t even 1.5 years old. The only reason the Incendia Team took off the way that it did is because of all of you.

Trent, our resident Marketing Guru, so brilliantly threw out that if an athlete signed up for the CrossFit Open, they would be saving a panda. The “panda thing” took on a life of it’s own as team members changed their Facebook profile pictures to pandas and sported different types of panda attire. Our marketing and design firm, Liquis Design, then came up with just about the coolest T-shirt ever. And, we officially became “Meaner Than We Look.” Will we get to wear our super cool shirts to Regionals this year? We will find out next week.

Why is the CrossFit Open Such a Special Time?

Some of us have done absolutely amazing in the 2014 CrossFit Open and others of us….ummm, can’t wait for it to be done (^^^^Lisa raises her hand). The Open has shown us our strengths and identified our weaknesses. Some of us have felt stronger than ever and some of us have felt defeated. Some of us can’t wait to take on the WOD each week and others of us have major anxiety at 3-2-1 Go. The important thing is, we have all suffered through the same five WODs together – as a TEAM. The Open Process makes our group stronger because we have a common goal: we work together and we cheer on our teammates to do their personal bests.

And, Now it’s O.V.E.R……

….which means it’s time to PARTY! Bring your families and celebrate your success with us. YOU deserve it! Click here for Event Details and to RSVP.