By Lisa

We have a generous Referral Program at Incendia and we make good on our promise to you. If a current member refers a person that also becomes a member, the referring member will receive one month’s membership dues free – once the referral has been a member for three full months. You have the ability to workout for free as long as you keep sending people to sign up (and they stay for three months).

Show your family and friends why you love CrossFit so much. Bring them along for a free workout. Newbies can come to any 101 Class on the Schedule and try it out for free. All they have to do is sign up, put your name on the membership application, stay for three full months and boom, you get a free month. Easy, peasy.

Seriously, we love your referrals. We already know that the person is going to fit in well with the community (because you wouldn’t bring a total doucher to your gym) and we know that your referral is going to work hard to make you proud. It’s a win-win for everyone. We truly appreciate the confidence and trust you have in us to continue sending people to Incendia. Thank you so much!

Who’s getting a free month in April? These members referred people back in December and their friends had their first full month in January. There are many, many more coming up in May and through July. Get fit, hang out with your friends, and earn free months. You can save your cash for a new wardrobe that shows off what CrossFit gave ya!

Who got a free month in April?

  • Jamie D.
  • Stephanie M.
  • Jordan G.
  • Brandon V.
  • Ray O.
  • Adam W.
  • Kristyna P.
  • Chris P.
  • Cindy R.
  • Don K.
  • Jason D.
  • Jason K.
  • Christie H.
  • Kara M.
  • Justin H.
  • Jeff P.
  • Kevin J.
  • George L.
  • Kristin B.
  • Somone J.
  • Kyle B.
  • Bruce P.