By Lisa

How do you celebrate when a CrossFit Mom is going into her ninth month of pregnancy and is still working out? What if there are two ladies in their ninth months of pregnancy who still WOD together every morning at our 5:30am CrossFit Class, which is one of our most tight knit groups in the gym? Easy! You have a Preggo WOD Party, of course!

Watching Courtney and Alicia WOD through their entire pregnancies, the 5:30am ladies were inspired to do something special for them as they neared their due dates. They wanted to throw the ladies a baby shower – but not just a regular baby shower. This baby shower had to be CrossFit-inspired so Chrissy, Ami, Stephanie, Melissa, Jamie and Vanessa starting researching online for ideas on how to make a CrossFit Baby Shower amazing. Last Saturday, this group of ladies planned a special WOD during the 7am CrossFit Class to honor Courtney and Alicia in true CrossFit-style.

Chrissy led the organization efforts and coordinated the gifts ($150 gift cards, animal/plush blanket/flowers and balloons for each lady) and the potluck menu (carrot cake, bacon-wrapped sweet potatoes, sweet potato hash and drinks). Ami found the ideal WOD and they added “pregnancy balloons” for the non-pregnant attendees (including the men) so they could relate to what the pregnant moms-to-be go through with each WOD they complete. The balloon simulated a “baby.” It was placed under each person’s shirt and had to be cared for throughout the WOD. If anything happened to the “baby,” if it was dropped or popped, there were burpee penalties.

The Preggo WOD Party was a hit! Everyone was laughing and smiling through the entire WOD and everyone got into the spirit – even the men. What a cool thing to do ladies!

You. Are. Incendia.


  • Laura Stoker

    What was the wod? We have a pregnant athlete and want to do the same thing. We were thinking something with med ball holds though