By Lisa

We hear it all the time. Conversations like this are standard around Incendia:

A: “Hi, I’m so-and-so. It’s nice to meet you.”

B: “Are you in CrossFit or 101?”

A: “Oh, I’m just in 101. I don’t even go to the other side. I’m a 101-er for life.”

Sound familiar? The beauty of our program is that CrossFit and CrossFit 101 are separate, stand-alone programs and athletes can choose either path, but sometimes it causes a little separation between the programs. Besides CrossFit and CrossFit 101, we have a group of Competitors that WOD in their own class. We also have Teens that WOD in their own class. And, we have Kids that WOD in their own classes. Even though everyone is following their own particular program, we are all Incendia.

Once a year, we like to get all the groups together for one big WOD. Because there are so many of us, we always move the WOD to a park so that everyone will fit and the little kids can play while the grown ups enjoy a fun workout. Big kids and teens are more than welcome to join in the WOD. (Please note: No KidCare will be provided at the park.)

We are one big community. Bring a friend and join us as we WOD together and get to know each other outside of the gym. The event is open to the public and totally FREE. What better way to kick off the weekend before Thanksgiving with some fitness and fun!

One Community. One WOD.