October 26, 2013

It’s SATURDAY – the best day of the week at Incendia! All WODs are Coaches’ Choice, so come prepared for anything. Make sure to join us for our CrossFit 101/FREE Class at 9am. This is your chance to bring a friend and show them what CrossFit is all about. We’ll also be heading to the Barbells For Boobs Event at East Valley CrossFit at 3pm. You can still be a part of this his breast cancer fundraiser by registering here.

Today’s Line Up:

  • 7am – CrossFit with Coach Somone
  • 8am – Student Athlete with Coach BV
  • 8am – CrossFit Prep with Coach Somone
  • 9am – CrossFit 101/FREE Class with Coach BV and Coach Holland
  • 10am – CrossFit with Coach BV and Coach Holland