By Lisa

The expansion, construction, and lack of elbow room at the gym has kind of been a paint in the butt, hasn’t it? We hope that you’ll find that the last few weeks of frustration will be totally worth it.

We are excited to announce that a new class schedule begins at Incendia tomorrow! We think you’re going to like this change because now you’ve got 100 class times to choose from each week. That’s just seriously crazy! Your coaching staff has worked diligently this weekend to commit to the new schedule so that you’ll have even more opportunities to be awesome each week. We’ve added three CrossFit Classes each day, one CrossFit 101 Class on M/W/F, two CrossFit 101 Classes on T/Th, CrossFit Yoga, and we’ve increased the Open Gym hours on Thursdays. We’ll be utilizing each side of the gym to it’s fullest by streamlining the classes so that they take place at the same time instead of the previously staggered schedule.

CrossFit is still an hour and CrossFit 101 is still 45 minutes or less. You can still drop in to any CrossFit 101 Class for free the first time. Best of all, there is no price increase for the extra classes and the Specialty Classes (Yoga/Endurance/MOBility) are still included with your monthly membership fee.

We are proud to bring you a bigger, better Incendia!