Meet Project Incendia

We are super stoked for this next chapter of CrossFit Incendia!

The dream of Incendia was put into motion on a road trip to San Diego back in June 2012. After four years of doing CrossFit, Brian was headed to USD for his Level 1 so he could become a coach and Lisa was craving a profession where she could create a community of service. We had no idea how big Incendia would become and how many quality, charitable-minded peeps we would meet along the way. The service aspect has become ingrained in the Incendia Culture in a way we could not be more proud of.

Over the course of the last four years since the birth of Incendia, the #‎IncendiaFAM‬ has raised tens of thousands of dollars for different causes,  both big and small. We decided it was time to become an official Charitable Organization so we could help even more people and we took that first step today.

Meet Project Incendia! Let’s do some good together.