By Lisa

Wow, guys! You are amazing! We owe our growth and awesome culture to all of you. You keep sending your friends our way and we love it. We know that the people you refer are going to work hard and we know they are going to fit into the Incendia Family seamlessly. After all, you wouldn’t want people you don’t like to work out with you, would you?

We remain humbled and grateful for all your referrals each month. Thank you so much for trust and confidence in Incendia. We love giving out a free month of membership for every person you bring in. So, who got a free month in May?

Bruce P (Stephanie C)

Jamie D (Somone J)

Brandon V (Chris S)

Justin H (Dave Mc)

Scott B (Jeannette D)

Andy P (Maggie G)

Mike A (Rosalinda P)

Natasha S (Jeff N)

Melissa E (Jennifer R)

Kristin B (Kevin M)

Kevin M (Matt T)

Clay H (Jennifer H)

Rachel B (Shannon J)

Aaron C (Stephanie S)