May 19, 2019

Crossfit Extreme
100m SkiErg Challenge (Time)
100m on SkiErg
1x for max effort. Can be done before or after WOD.
38 special (Time)
380 m run
38 deadlift 1.25 bodyweight
38 burpee box jump overs
380 m run
38 back squats at bodyweight
38 burpees
380 m run
38 front squats at 75% body weight
38 box jump overs
380 meter run
38 shoulder to overhead at 50% body weight
38 burpee box jump overs.

Rx with a partner, both partners run each time
Rx+ Solo
Round down to nearest 5 lbs for each lift. Workout to be done while playing 38 Special greatest hits.