May 16, 2019

Rest Day!

Dips (3 x Max effort)
3 sets of max effort strict dips. Can use rings, matador, or boxes. Use bands or feet for assistance. Goal is sets of 8 or more, so modify to make it happen, or do max effort strict then super set with at least 6 modified. Make sure and be in a position with your shoulders in front of your hips. Hands behind you on a bench or box puts too much stress on the shoulders and doesn’t help you progress to the rings or bar so don’t do it.
Ouch (Time)
3 Rounds for Time:
Row 500m
30 Ball Slams (40/25)
30 Push Ups
Modify push-ups to a box or bench. Maintain plank position and tight core. No bent knee push-ups or snakes.

Partner – Terrible Twos (Time)
Partner WOD:
200 situps
200 air squats
2-mile run
2K row
Partition with partner
Must finish all reps of a movement before moving to the next movement.

Clean Pull + Clean (60% 1+1, 70% 1+1, 80% 1+1, 85% 2 x 1+1, 90% x 1+1)
Jerks Paused in Dip and Catch
1RM, then -20% for 3
From rack, split jerks or power jerks.