By Lisa

My second child, my baby girl Cameron, was born in October of 2011. I was 37 years old when she was born. I didn’t “bounce back” quite as quickly as I did when I had my son at 31 years of age. I was not happy with the way I looked after Cam was born. When I looked in the mirror, I saw an wrinkly, old woman with saggy boobs, thick thighs, fat upper arms, cellulite, and belly rolls. As much I hated being pregnant, I yearned for the days my belly was pregnant-hard vs. the popped soufflé look I currently sported. I hated the way I looked and the way I felt because of the way I looked.

I’ve always been pretty vain. Anyone who knows me well knows that I’ll use every tool in the box to keep myself looking good (Botox, hair extensions, spray tans, starvation diets, HCG…you name it, I’ve done it). I’m not above any of it and to tell you the truth, I’m pretty lazy. Luckily, when I was younger I didn’t have to work all that hard to fit in the jeans I wanted to wear. After Baby Number Two, it was a completely different story! I had perfected the look of layers, baggy shirts, and long dresses to try to cover myself up.

In the Spring of 2012, my husband and I decided that we would go to Rocky Point, Mexico to see one of our favorite bands (Roger Clyne & the Peacemakers) play on the beach that June. It would be our first family vacation since Cameron was born. I was so excited — until I realized that being on the beach with our kids meant that I’d probably have to wear a swimsuit! OMG! I had to figure out something quick! True to my lazy nature, I went to a weight-loss clinic and signed up for HCG. Yup, I sure did. Oh, and I failed miserably at the HCG diet. I was vegetarian and just couldn’t follow it. I don’t think I had one successful day while following the diet and actually gained some weight. All that thinking about food deprivation made me eat MORE, if that’s possible.

My husband mentioned to me one more time about trying CrossFit. He had given me many “CrossFit Suggestions” over the years, which I never took seriously. This time was different. In April, 2012 we participated in a fundraiser that CrossFit Fury held for the Buckeye Police Department. I was intrigued after this event and made a commitment to try CrossFit that following Wednesday. When my alarm went off that Wednesday morning at 4:15 am, I really wanted to go back to sleep – but I had given my word that I would show up. Off I went  to try CrossFit and completed the most difficult thing I’d ever physically done. I actually came home after that 5 am class and went back to sleep before I had to be at work at 8 am! I seriously contemplated calling in sick that day. I was so sore after that class that I didn’t want to go to the bathroom for fear I couldn’t get off the toilet (I still feel like that sometimes after a particularly grueling WOD, btw).

I’m a black-and-white-type of girl. I go all in or I do nothing. I decided to go all in and give it six months to see if I could really change the way I looked. I really didn’t think the results would be all that dramatic, to be honest. My Mexico trip was in less than 60 days so I had to act quickly. My gym had a Paleo Challenge coming up so I talked my husband into doing it with me. Mind you, I was VEGETARIAN and I drank BEER, but I went strict, strict Paleo. The fat literally began to melt off. My weight didn’t change tremendously, but my body shape sure did. Seven weeks from beginning Paleo and CrossFit, I was on the beach in Rocky Point in my bikini! I loved walking around with my then-eight month old baby while wearing my bikini. The sense of accomplishment was AMAZING.

My transformation didn’t stop on the beach in Mexico. I started CrossFit + Paleo to lose weight, but it became so much more. I felt amazing. I looked great, but I felt amazing. I never went back to my old ways and I couldn’t stop talking about this new lifestyle I discovered. I created Paleo Groups on Facebook. I had Paleo dinner parties. I made Paleo Treats for my office. I perfected the NorCal Margarita…I wouldn’t shut the f*ck up about CrossFit and Paleo. My body kept changing and changing. It’s been 10 months since I started this journey. I feel awesome and I think I look pretty ok for my age, too. I thank CrossFit and Paleo for giving me my life back and opening a whole new world for me.

When Brian and I decided to start Incendia, I knew moms would be a big part of our business. I remember how I felt that first time I went to CrossFit….how intimidated I was….how scared I was….and decided that I would do everything possible so that moms felt comfortable walking through our front door. We’ve worked really hard to make Incendia welcoming to all people. I hope we’ve succeeded.

Please check out Andrea’s story on Incendia. I think she captured the vibe here perfectly. Thank you, Andrea, for spotlighting these amazing girls!


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  • Justin

    Great post Lisa! I have to say even considering how irregularly I show up to the gym I feel alot better and my stress levels are more in control! With that said I think I am much more efficient in running my business, so thanks Crossfit!

  • Stacie

    Thanks for the great post! Truly inspiring for me since I just had my first baby and am experiencing some of the same feelings. I was in the best shape of my life the summer before last after competing in my first triathlon. Can’t wait to see where Incendia takes me in my fitness goals!