By Lisa

Have you ever seen me just before a competition? I am usually in full-on “panic attack mode.” My heart races, I have trouble breathing, I’m usually in tears and I feel like I’m going to pass out. Competitions – and working out in front of people in general – totally freak me out. The fear I feel just before 3-2-1 GO can only parallel to the one and only time I stood at an open door of an air plane and (willingly) jumped out. The moment before I jumped, I literally thought I was going to die. My heart almost came out of my chest, I am sure. I am super afraid of heights and decided to go sky-diving to try to conquer that fear (nothing like facing your biggest fear head-on, right?) After the initial moments of anxiety, sky-diving was a beautiful experience and I absolutely loved it. Now, I still don’t love CrossFit competitions and I have been known to pee my pants while competing, but I’m trying to get more comfortable with it. I know that I’m never going to be a Games-Level CrossFit athlete. Seriously, I am well aware of my skill level. Also, I don’t really possess a sense of competition while trying not to die while WODing (sheesh, I just want to finish). I’m not athletic at all and the fact that I can do half of what CrossFit has taught me surprises me everyday. Sometimes it’s fun to see how I stack up, but no matter where I’m at in the rankings, I’m just proud of myself for trying.

Now, Brian loves to compete. He likes testing himself against other athletes and other gyms. He really thrives on that feeling of competition and it reminds him of playing team sports when he was young. He uses each competition as a measuring stick to see if his training is working. He’s usually one of the first people to register once a competition opens and is obsessed by his overall rankings throughout the day. He will replay the WOD in his mind for days, strategizing on how to do it better next time. He gets angry if he doesn’t perform the way he hopes and takes the competition very seriously. For him, competing is a BIG DEAL and he wants to WIN.

Are you like me? Like Brian? Or somewhere in between?

Here’s your chance to try out a competition in a safe, friendly environment. We came up with “Locals Only,” a competition just for Incendians so that you can try competing in a place you feel comfortable. Don’t get me wrong, this is a REAL competition. We will be filling our three Sicest of the Southwest Teams with the Top 6 male and female RX finishers. Programmed by Coach Holland, each competitor will be judged and all standards must be met. Coach Holland will also serve as Head Judge. Scaled and RX WODs have been released and there is something for everyone. D-JB will provide the beats and motivation. Danylle Mason Photograpy will capture the action. There will also be an after-party with a BBQ, Cocktails and Cornhole. (You don’t have to compete to attend, but we may ask you to judge). Please bring a Paleo dish to share at the BBQ. Cost to compete is $20 and all entry fees will be donated to the 33rd Annual Cystic Fibrosis Stairclimb & Firefighter Challenge. Please consider being part of this day, either as a competitor, judge or spectator. Sign up sheets are at the gym.


For Time
1000m Row
100- Double Unders
5- Muscle Ups
10 minute time cap

4 RDS For Time
14- One Arm DB Snatch (Alternating 7R/7L) (50/35)
40m Sprint 
14- Pistols (Alternating 7R/7L)
40m Sprint

8 minute AMRAP
5- Deadlifts (225/155)
5- Handstand Pushups (Men 45lb Plates to Abmat) (Ladies 25lb Plates to Abmat)


6 minutes
1000m Row
ME burpees in time remaining in 6 minutes
WOD scored on # of burpees

25- Air Squats (bottom must touch medicine ball)
40ft OH Med Ball carry (20/14)
15- Box Jump Overs (24/20)
40ft OH Med Ball Carry
10 min time cap

12 min AMRAP
10- Hand Release Push Ups
15- Kettlebell Swings (53/35)
200m Run

  • Andrea A

    I love this post. Lisa, I love your honesty. It makes me feel better to know that others have the same fears… and that it is OK to go at my own pace. Thanks!