Well folks, it is about that time to head to Utah for the Southwest Regional Competition. For me this has been four years in the making and after narrowly missing out on qualifying last year, I am extremely excited about going this year. Before I leave I owe all of you a big PHAT (not fat) THANK YOU!

I  am very humbled by everyone’s support and generosity in sending my family and me to Utah. You all went above and beyond the call of duty with your support and I hope everyone knows all you have done for us in this hectic time in our lives blows Kelly and myself away. As an athlete having to train not to fall on my face against the CrossFit elite and not worry about the financial part of it has been such a blessing.

As an athlete competing in an individual sport it can be easy to be selfish and compete for yourself. I can assure all of you that everyone at Incendia will be on my mind while I am competing this weekend. It is an absolute honor to represent all of you and our home away from home. CrossFit Incendia. If you are screaming at me through your computer screen at some point over the weekend I promise it was because of you I picked the bar back up or made it to the top of the rope. You guys are absolutely amazing and a million thank yous will never be enough to show my appreciation. The only way I can repay you all is by leaving it all out on the competition floor this weekend and that is what I intend to do. Thank you again Incendia!