June 8, 2017

Rest Day!

Conditioning: AMRAP x 15:00
Run! Bears!
200m Run
30m Bear Crawl
20 Wall Balls 20/14

400M Sled push and pull
(Heavy’ish but doable)
Metcon (Time)
100 Dumbbell Bench Press
(choose challenging load)
*every drop, do 100′ farmers walk with dumbbells.
(post load in comments)
Zercher squat
Work up to a heavy 3×5 of Zercher squat
Metcon (Time)
21 KB swings
6 Stone/bag OTS
18 KB swings
5 Stone/bag OTS
15 KB swings
4 Stone/bag OTS
12 KB swings
3 Stone/bag OTS
9 KB swings
2 Stone/bag OTS
6 KB swings
1 Stone/bag OTS
3 KB swings
(RX 70/53 KB)
post stone/sandbag weight in comments. OTS-over the shoulder.

Bike Test – 30 min TT (Calories)
Assault bike – 30 minutes for max calories
*Not a conversational pace!

Warm up
– Then –
A) single leg squat to bench 10 R&L (progress to lower surface, then full pistol if able)
B) dumbbell fly (incline)

A) empty bar good mornings. Work up if able.**FORM IS IMPORTANT (always)
B) kneeling single-arm band pulldown 10 R&L

A) one arm suitcase carry 30m R&L
B) deficit calf raises R&L -(optional dumbbell hold on working side)
C) isometric hold w shoulder raise 10 R&L