June 7, 2014

Happy Birthday Rachel H and Casi T!

It’s Saturday @ Incendia! Arguably the best day of the week, we have a lot of fun getting fit on Saturdays. Please join us for a full line up. Don’t forget to bring a friend to the 9am CrossFit 101 Class. It’s FREE and designed to give you the best taste of CrossFit. Don’t forget: we have supervised KidCare for the 9am and 10am classes!

  • 7am – CrossFit Endurance with Coach Esteban at Liberty HS Track
  • 7am – CrossFit with Coach Carson
  • 8am – CrossFit Prep with Coach Dustin
  • 8am – CrossFit Teen with Coach Amanda
  • 9am – CrossFit 101 with Coaches Amanda and Lisa
  • 10am – CrossFit with Coach BV