June 26, 2017

Strength: Front Squat (5×3)
*Every 3 minutes for 15 minutes perform 3 front squats.
*Start around 75% and build!
Conditioning: For Time
Thruster 95/65
Sumo deadlift high pull 95/65
Turkish Get Up
15 per side as heavy as possible.
*Start with weak side and match with strong side; i.e., only use one kettlebell.

Conditioning: 5 Rounds for reps
Mainsite 170610
1 min Box Jumps
1 min Wall Balls
1 min Row for Cals
1 min Rest
Finisher: No Measure
3-4 rounds
15 med ball sit ups
20 v ups
KB Unilateral farmers carry down and back 1x each side
*choose load for KB – should be heavy but able to maintain upright position