July 7, 2015

Happy Birthday Emilee B!

Strength: Back Squat
Back Squat 1×5 at 65% 1RM
Back Squat 1×5 at 70% 1RM
Back Squat 1×5 at 75% 1RM
Back Squat 1×5 at 80% 1RM

WOD: For Time
150 Wall Balls (20/14)

CrossFit 101
Strength/Skill: For Max Reps
Strict Pronated-Grip Pull-Ups
Rest 90 seconds
Strict Mixed-Grip Pull-Ups
Rest 90 seconds
Strict Supinated-Grip Pull-Ups
*If you’re using assistance (a band), use the same level of assistance for every set.

WOD: For Reps
“Death by Burpees”
With a continuously running clock perform:
1 Burpee in the first minute,
2 Burpees in the second minute,
3 Burpees in the third minute,
….continue for as long as you are able.

Post: Tabata Sit Ups
8 x 20 seconds work/10 seconds rest
*Tabata score is the lowest reps performed in any of the intervals.

CrossFit Prep
Lifts: Back Squat/Front Squat/Overhead Squat
Skill: Kipping Pull Ups

CrossFit Teens
WOD: For Time
Row 500m
— then —
3 Rounds of:
18 Pistols
9 Burpees
— then —
Row 500m

Incendia Barbell
1) Clean from the Blocks 5 x 2 @ 80%
2) Snatch Balance 1-1-1-1-1
3) Snatch Pull 4 x 3