July 5, 2018

Rest Day!

Conditioning: 3 Rounds For Time
CF Linchpin 180703
15 DB Bent Over Rows
15 Ab Mat Sit Ups (weighted)
15 DB Swings
100m Farmers Carry

Men 50lbs/Women 35lbs

Conditioning: For Time
“Strong Deck of Cards”
*Teams of 2 to 5, Proceed through the entire deck as a team, one card at a time.
Clubs- KB Swing
Diamonds- KB Goblet Thruster
Hearts- Pull ups or Sit ups
Spades-Slam Balls
Joker- 100′ Bear Crawl
Face cards = 10 reps
Ace = 11 reps
Rx 53/35 KB, Rx+ 70/53 KB
Slam Ball 40/25
(can sub stone to shoulder and/or tire flips for any movement)
Conditioning: No Measure
“Meathead Mania Super Sets”
All sets in the 5×5-10 range, depending on weight.
Bench Press/Band Face Pulls
Elevated Stiff leg Deads/ Close Stance Back Squats
GHD Sit ups/GHD Hyper Ext.
Dumbbell pull overs/Dumbbell rows
*Finisher, 100 curls, 100 overhead press, 100 upright rows. Axle or barbell,45/35. Every break do 10 Dumbbell shrugs AHAP.
Conditioning: For Weight
Strongman Event Work:
*Go AHAP on any of the following Strongman events/lifts: Yoke, Farmers/Frame walk, Stone/Bag to shoulder, Axle/Log ground to overhead, Tire Flips. You choose loads and reps. Post work in comments.

Metcon (7 Rounds for time)
7 rounds each for time:
250m Row
Bodyweight movement
250m Row
2:00 rest between rounds
Round 1: 12 Burpees
Round 2: 10 Jumping split lunge
Round 3: 8 Jumping air squats
Round 4: 6 Broad jumps
Round 5: 8 Jumping Air Squats
Round 6: 10 Jumping split lunges
Round 7: 12 Burpees