July 21, 2019

Extreme Ladders (3 Rounds for weight)
Snatch Ladder
Starting with 95/55 lbs on bar, proceed through ladder increasing 10/5 lbs each bar and lifting every 30 seconds until failure. If you feel you failed too soon may restart 4 barbells below your miss (if barbell not being used), max of three attempts to heaviest lift.
Clean Ladder
Once everyone is done will start clean ladder at 115/65 with 10/5 lbs increase every 30 seconds, two reps every 30 second, same rules as snatch ladder
Deadlift ladder
Once everyone is done with clean ladder will start deadlift ladder at 135/95 adding 20/10 – 4 reps every 30 seconds until failure. No retreating after failure on this one
Score is heaviest lift on each
Rx+ is for those who reach last barbell in ladder. Complete lift, then at next 30 second interval perform max number of lifts At that weight. Record weight and number of reps in comments
Assault on abs finisher (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)
10 min amrap

15/10 cal assault bike
15 ab mat sit ups with 35/25 lb dumbbell .
Dumbbell to touch the ground overhead and between feet