July 20, 2019

Strongmanish (Time)
-200 m pincher carry (25/15 each hand) every drop 10 air squat penalty
-1 heavy sandbag to jerk blocks (48/44 inches)
-400 m overhead carry- add your plates to barbell and use that bar (95/65). May drop at 200, any other time bar is lowered from overhead 5 push-up penalty.
-2 heavy sandbag to jerk blocks
-400 m front rack carry -start at 95/65and every 200 meters add 20/10. Every drop that is not at a 200 m interval 10 sit up penalty
400 back rack carry starting at 135/95, add 20/100 every 200
-3 heavy sandbag to jerk blocks
Penalties will be added up and completed once round is done, prior to sandbag lift

Round 1 (45/25)
Round 2 (135/95)
Round 3 (start at 135/95 and add 20/10)

Dumbell Hell (Time)
10 manmakers
20 db deadlifts
30 db single arm snatches (15 per arm)
40 db single arm lunges
50 db swings

Rx 35/20
Rx+ 45/30
Scale/Modify up or down, based on dumbell availabilty

“Deadlift Party” (Weight)
Starting at 225 pounds(men) and 135 pounds(women) pull 1 deadlift EMOM adding 10 pounds per minute until you hit 315/225. Then pull 1 deadlift EMOM adding 5 pounds per minute until you fail a rep.
*Scale as needed. Score is heaviest deadlift.
“The Other Total” (Weight)
Work up to a 1RM in the following lifts
Clean (power or squat)
Bench press
Overhead squat
*Score is total of all 3 lifts.
Death By KB Swings & Push Ups (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)
EMOM 1 x Russian Kettlebell Swing 70/53 & 5 x Push Ups
Increase the reps by 1 each minute on the kettlebell swings. The push ups remain the same throughout the entire workout.
“CHUCK HEAVY” crossfit 317 HERO WOD (Time)
1 mile Row
100 Push-Ups
1 mile Run
100 Thrusters (45/35 lb)
1 mile Row
Background: Chief Petty Officer Charles “Chuck” Humphrey Keating IV – known to friends and family as “C4” – was a US Navy Seal who was killed in action
on May 3, 2016, while attempting to rescue US Military advisers that were pinned down by ISIS fighters in the Iraqi town of Telskof.