July 13, 2019

Choose the hardest of the gymnastics movements for you. Only one of the three.
30 Muscle-Ups (Time)
30 muscle-ups for time
10 min cap
30 bar muscle ups (Time)
30 bar muscle ups for time
10 minute cap
50 burpee pull ups (Time)
50 burpee pull ups for time
10 min cap
Programmed Death (Time)
For time
50/40 Cal Bike
80 wall balls (14/10)
50/40 cal row
40 thrusters (53/42)
15 min cap

These movements are done with lighter weights than normal. Give unbroken movements your best effort!
Guys will use ladies bar with 10’s
Ladies will use trainer bar with 10’s

Vinly (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)
21:00 AMRAP:
Teams of 2
45 Med Ball Tosses (wall balls)
45 Overhead 20″ Step Ups (with med ball)
45 Med Ball Sit Ups (Over box)
45 Calorie Ass Bike!
Sub Rower if not enough bikes

Back Squat Party
Men, starting at 135 perform 2 back squats EMOM
Add 10 pounds per minute up to 225 pounds.
Add 5 pounds per minute until you cannot complete the 2 reps.

Women, start at 75 pounds and go up by 10’s until 135.
After 135 go up by 5 pounds.

Score the 2 heaviest reps completed.
Metcon (Time)
American KB Swings AHAP
25 Push Ups and 10 Strict Pull Ups between each round
*post loads in comments
Max Sled Drag for distance (Distance)
45 Min Sled Drag @ 0.75 x BW
“Riley 21” HERO WOD (Time)
10 to 1
Deadlift 225/155
Toes to Bar
1 to 10
Power Cleans 155/105
Bench Press 155/105
Riley Howell was killed 4/30/19 after he charged a gunman who opened fire in a classroom on the UNC Charlotte campus, saving the lives of fellow classmates.