By Lisa

It’s one of my favorite times of the month: FREE MONTH TIME! Brian and I love rewarding all of you for your trust and loyalty in Incendia. Have you heard about our Referral Program?

We started the Referral Program back when we opened and had zero members. We knew that word of mouth would be the best, most organic way to grow because we knew the Community would be the most important part of Incendia. We don’t do any paid advertising, we don’t do the Groupon thing, and we don’t cut our rates to get new people to walk through the door, at the expense of those members that have supported us all along. We believe that you get what your pay for and we prefer to focus on the members we currently have and reward you for doing what comes naturally – bringing your friends in to WOD with you. This is our way of saying “Thank You!”

When you refer your friends, we all win. How many of you have met because of the gym? How many of you have done business together because of the gym? How many of you have become friends because of the gym? It’s crazy to think about, isnt it? Where else can you walk in the door and have 400+ best friends all at once? Bringing your friends from outside the gym into this mix is just natural, isn’t it?

If a current member refers a person that also becomes a monthly member, the referring member will receive one month’s membership dues free – once the referral has been a member for three full months. Your referral just needs to write your name on their application so that you get credit. You have the ability to work out for free as long as you keep sending people to sign up (and they stay for three months). Read all about our Referral Program here.

Who’s getting a free month in January?

Christina Z (Nichole M)

Nick A (Cody C)

Travis A (Kevin T)

Alexis C (Samantha S)

Dave McD (Lana A)

Heather S (Kip S)

Jillian H (Stephanie T)