January 31, 2014

Happy Birthday Scotty S!

It’s Saturday @ Incendia! That means that your coaches get to program the classes and have a little fun. Come prepared for anything because you never know what you’ll be doing. Constantly varied, right?!

Experienced CrossFitters, you’ll want to jump into our 7am or 10am CrossFit Classes. Drop-ins are always free on their first visit. There is no need to call ahead….just come a few minutes early to sign a waiver. We’ve also got CrossFit Teens and CrossFit Prep at 8am and Incendia Barbell at 11am (yep, yep…we’re a USAW Club).

The 9am CrossFit 101 Class is all about checking out Incendia and the sport of CrossFit. Bring a friend and join us for the FREE 101 Class. We’ve been featuring this program in the Northwest Valley for more than two years and it’s wildly successful. Fun and safety are guaranteed. We won’t have you throwing around barbells on your first trip to the gym, which sends the intimidation factor right out the window! PS – this class is NOT easy, but it is totally scalable for all athletes from just-started-working-out to fire-breather.

Aren’t you curious what Incendia’s all about? There’s a reason why we’re often imitated, but never duplicated. Come be part of a real community. We’ll quickly become your home away from home!