January 3, 2014

Happy Birthday James L!

Join us for Saturday @ Incendia! All the WODs are a surprise — so come prepared for anything! What’s cool about Saturday is each Coach gets to plan their own class. If you like the way a certain coach programs, plan to hit that class!

Saturday is also the day we offer our FREE CrossFit 101 Class at 9am. This class is open to the community and appropriate for all levels. Bring a friend and see what Incendia has to offer. We have supervised KidCare for the 8am, 9am and 10am Classes.

Saturday’s Line Up:

  • 7am – CrossFit
  • 8am – CrossFit Prep and CrossFit Teens
  • 9am – CrossFit 101
  • 10am – CrossFit
  • 11am – Incendia Barbell