By Emily Pham

CrossFit Incendia is lucky to have a large population of “adventure racers.” They compete in almost every race style from Tough Mudder to Spartan Races to Ragnar. The more extreme the better for these guys and girls! All of us “Regular” CrossFitters watch these Weekend Warriors in awe because we can barely fathom these challenging races that this group does in the name of “fun.”

Last weekend, we had a group head out to the Spartan Super in Nevada. Check out Emily’s experience in her own words. So freakin’ COOL! — Lisa

The Spartan Super in Jean, NV was an amazing experience! Every 15
minutes from 8am through 4pm a heat of 100-200 runners took to the 9 miles
and 26 obstacles of the course. The terrain varied throughout the course from
flat, to sandy, rocky, dusty and in some areas wet and even muddy.
The course was unique, you’d go a distance being able to run then hit a rocky
area where you’d have to almost climb your way up and carefully trek back down the mountain side.

All the various obstacles along the way were somewhat challenging as well. Some of the obstacles included wall climbs, a memory test, a sand bag and rock bucket carry, tire flips, boulder carries, a crawl under barb wires, a rope climb, and even a Tarzan swing. There were so many different things to test your abilities, your strength, and your endurance.

I was honestly surprised how I was able to get through the entire course at a
decent pace, especially the run. Although I can’t say how successful I was on
that rope climb (lol), I did fairly well on other obstacles. All of the training I’ve
done through CrossFit classes, Endurance, and Strongman within the past few
months really prepped me and put my abilities to the test during this course. I felt
I was more prepared this time than I was in my prior Spartan run just a few
months ago.

There’s still 5 months until the Spartan Beast in Temecula, CA which is 13+ miles
and 30 obstacles and my biggest goal by then is to get up that rope once and for