Incendia Paleo Challenge 4.0

By Lisa

Are you up to the challenge? The largest Paleo Challenge in the history of Incendia began on February 17th, 2014 and will run for 60 days. 87 of you have signed on to take part in the largest nutrition and life makeover we have ever hosted. The rules are simple: eat food that will make you more healthy (meat, seafood, eggs, vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds), consume no sugar/alcohol/grains/dairy/legumes, do not step on the scale, log your food, and DON’T CHEAT!

This time we have divided into teams and will offer nutritional coaching in a small group setting. Teams are being lead by: Coaches Bates, Harris, Holland, Petrie, Vayda and Walker. One team will be selected the winner of the challenge based on these criteria: body composition change (as determined by “before” and “after” photos) and increased athletic performance (as determined by the baseline WODs). Your Team Leader will decide if you’ve participated enough to take part in the reward if you are on the winning team.

So, what does the winning team get? Each member will get $100 in cold, hard cash. Each member will also get one month of free membership. Your Team Leader will receive $100 cash, as well. Also, the winning Team Leader will not have to participate in the WOD the winning team selects for all the loser Team Leaders. That’s right….the winning team gets to create a craptastic WOD that the other coaches must complete.

Sounds like fun! Who’s going to win?


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  • Julie

    Vayda’s Paleoholics will win!

  • Casi Taylor


  • April