Incendia KidCare: Who Is Watching Your Kids?

Many would say that the jewel of the Incendia crown is definitely Incendia KidCare. As parents, we knew from Day One that children needed a safe place while their parents worked out. We installed a safety fence and created the Incendia “Kiddie Containment Center” almost before the floor even went down and we were one of the first CrossFit Boxes to have a simple child containment system.

The first version of the Kiddie Containment Area was – well – sad to say the least. The fenced-off corner was part of the main gymcj cam. It wasn’t separately climate controlled and the kids got to hear the same music (at the same levels) as their parents. The flimsy, metal pool fence was no match for the heartiest of toddlers who had escape on their minds. More than once an escaped child ran across the floor during a Barbell WOD, causing our hearts to almost stop. Kids would scream as they watched their parents and their lungs were no match for the sound system. This system was rough. It was not a fun time for anyone: parents, kids or those who were just working out.

When we expanded in April 2014, we decided to create a proper KidCare Center. The Incendia Jungle is climate-controlled, enclosed and supervised. Windows are available from the front office and the main gym so that you can look in on your kiddos….and they can look out and see you. We have a TV with all the favorite shows from Netflix, Hulu and iTunes. There is a Lego table, oversized stuffed animals, beanbags and a table for homework (or coloring). We have a reading center and a rocking chair to hold babies. We have a bouncer and a changing table available. We even have a power strip for game system chargers and best of all, the Incendia Jungle is monitored with 24-hour surveillance cameras that record the entire room with high-quality video and sound.

Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 3.31.15 PMWe take child safety extremely seriously and we adhere to all the AZ Department of Health Service guidelines for drop-in babysitting. Parents must sign their children in and out each time the Incendia Jungle is used. We don’t allow food or drinks or toys that can choke babies. A strict 10:1 caregiver to child ratio is also kept at all times. Often, we have more than one team member on duty in the Incendia Jungle. Our staff has been background checked by our insurance company and each team member is First Aid/CPR Certified. We also carry sexual molestation insurance so that we can legally care for kids.

Quite honestly, Incendia KidCare is a money-losing enterprise for us; yet, we still keep it going because we believe in it. We charge11050690_10206893425913777_3284557365992102541_n $25 per month per family for two hours of childcare seven days per week. That’s $0.41 per hour for one child…..or five children. The price does not go up if you have more than one child. Our staff is paid, trained and professional. We don’t allow anyone to work for us if they are under the age of 16 or if they haven’t met the above requirements (background check and First Aid/CPR). In fact, most of our KidCare staff consists of Teachers and retired Police Officers, who have fingerprints on file with the State of Arizona.

Why is all this important? Because kids are everything. As parents, we want the best for our kids and we know you do, too. We don’t let just anyone watch our kids….or yours!

KidCare in the Incendia Jungle
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