Looking for a Realtor? Do you need insurance? What about new flooring in your home? Or auto dent repair? A new website? When looking for a service or recommendation, is your first step to post in Gym Talk for a referral? This seems to be how we do things and we thought that maybe we should formalize the networking process so that everyone can benefit from the relationships you share with each other.

Incendians doing business together. It just makes sense, doesn’t it? You WOD together, you band together to raise funds for those in need and you share a common bond in Incendia. Why shouldn’t we move to the next step and make our business and networking a priority?

Beginning October 1, 2014, the Incendia Business Connection will meet for lunch at The Place (5171 W. Bell Rd) at 1pm on the first Wednesday of every month. The Place is Incendian-owned and the perfect venue to get some business on. The Incendia Business Connection (InBC) is a networking organization designed and created so that fellow Incendians can come together to enjoy lunch and learn about each other’s professions.

Come to the first meeting armed with business cards and be ready to introduce your business. We’ll keep it informal, yet friendly and effective with an open format. All Incendian-owned businesses are welcome (this includes businesses owned by spouses).

Get ready to grow your business surrounded by friends. It only makes sense.