By Lisa

Relax, I’m not talking about that kind of goat. In CrossFit terms, your “goat” is that thing you really hate doing or suck at (or both.) Everyone has a goat. Some people have two or three goats. I have a herd of those bastards (snatch, toes to bar, pullups and running). Very simply put, the goat is the movement or exercise that makes you want to skip your CrossFit class when you see it come up in a WOD (muscle ups, anyone?).

goat boardThe best way to kill a goat is by NOT avoiding the goat. You need to ATTACK your goat. Instead of trying to figure out how to avoid your goat – grab that goat by the neck, shake it hard and kill that sucker. The only way to do it, is to do it. We are going to help you become Certified Goat Killers. All of you. From 101 to CrossFit, you’ll be slaying goats left and right.

Next week is “Goat Week” at Incendia. As we lighten up our programming to prepare for the first Open WOD on March 9th, we’ll work on your goats the week of March 4th.

Every. Single. Day.

Please put two of your goats on the board this week so we can prepare for the massacre next week. You’ll cross off every kill as you slay your goat. We expect to see a whole bunch of dead goats around here by the end of the next week. It’s going to suck for everyone, but think about how great you’ll feel once your goats are dead.

***Please note, no actual goats will harmed, but all training goats will be slaughtered. Thank you.

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  • Sharron Arnold

    I have an unusual request. Would you be so kind as to allow me to use your photo of the goat above as the basis for a painting. I find it such an engaging picture and would love to depict it on a large scale.
    Thankyou in anticipation, Sharron Arnold (in Australia)