By Lisa

Did you know that July 24, 2015 is a National Holiday? It sure is! Besides Christmas, Thanksgiving and Fourth of July, this might be my favorite holiday of the year. Yep, that’s right….it’s National Tequila Day!

Tequila. It’s sure to bring back some kind of memories when you think about it, right? I havn’t been fond of straight shots of tequila since my High School Graduation Trip to Rocky Point in the year 19-something. Because of this trip – when I would think of tequila – my mind would immediately go back to that time. Think: shots of nasty tequila in little cups, sweaty bodies and Billy Idol’s “Mony Mony” on repeat (with the extra lyrics) at JJ’s Cantina. It’s enough to still elicit a gagging response twenty years later!

Little did I know that not all tequilas are created equal and little did I know that you don’t have to actually shoot tequila. You can sip tequila and make a tasty, low-calorie, refreshing drink. Really! When I discovered the “NorCal Margarita” it was life-changing. For reals!

YTequila-sodaes, I know that tequila is the stereotypical CrossFit + Paleo alcohol, but there is a reason why its so popular. Let’s start with calories: According to Calorie King, tequila on average has 96 calories in 1.5 oz. Wines average about 121 calories per glass. Craft beer has on average 200 calories a bottle. Margaritas weigh in at 300 calories and our beloved Woodchuck Amber Cider also has 200 calories per bottle. Yeah, I know we’re not supposed to be overly concerned with calories in the Paleo Lifestyle, but trust me, alcohol calories matter! Second, you don’t get super hungover with tequila. Drink a quality 100-percent agave tequila in moderation and see how you feel the next day. Mixed with water, it’s like nada in the morning. Plus, tequila also helps you sleep, among other things. Sold!

Have you heard about the NorCal Margarita? This beverage made famous by Robb Wolf, is a Paleo-friendly version of the traditional margarita (but several hundred calories lighter). If you want to save yourself some calories and a hangover, this is a great drink for a night on the town or poolside with your honey.

Lisa’s Version of the NorCal Margarita

16 oz glass of ice

1.5 oz Maestro Dobel Tequila (Diamante is my fav)

1/2 lime squeezed in with a lime squeezer

Fill glass with Pellegrino Sparkling Water