HalloWOD 2016

We love, love, LOVE Halloween at Incendia. We opened CrossFit Incendia just after Halloween in 2012, but still dressed up and welcomed Trick or Treaters in the new, but not-yet-open gym that year. All those kids and parents were probably asking themselves, “Seriously, what’s up with these people that give out pencils and apples?!”

In 2013, we hosted our first HalloWOD event at night and had a ton of fun dressing up and working out. We got our entire family involved and had an amazing time. After this super fun night, we knew that HalloWOD would become one of our signature events throughout the years.

We changed the format of HalloWOD in 2014 and turned it into a giant costume contest. The response was overwhelming!

2015 brought out the Icendians’ creativity. Amanda transformed and Coach Peach dressed like one our members.

What will be see in 2016? The male and female HalloWOD costume winners will WOD for FREE in November. See you on Friday, October 28th!