By Lisa

I love learning about the people in the gym and I love hearing their “CrossFit Stories.” Everyone has one. We were all turned on to CrossFit by someone or something. Have you ever thought about what it is that drew you to CrossFit? What if you had a blog that chronicled your CrossFit Experience from the get? Wouldn’t that be cool? You could re-live your CrossFit ups & downs and use those experiences to make you a better CrossFitter, while helping others who are following in your footsteps. What if your words could speak to others who are experiencing what you are feeling or have felt in your CrossFit Evolution? Well, one (badass) CrossFit girl has done just that.

Meet Somone Johnson (aka Strong Monie). We met Somone  just as we were opening Incendia. This girl is a Bodyweight Ninja. I can’t even get pictures of her burpees because she is so fast. It’s one giant blur! Somone has been blogging about her CrossFit experiences since she found the sport. She is always honest, retrospective and quite humble in her writing. Plus, she’s freaking hilarious. We really enjoy her blog and hope you do, too. Check it out: Fight Gone Bad and a Week Off