Green Smoothie

By Lisa

I was recently turned onto the Betty Rocker site from someone at the gym and I love, love it! A lot of her nutrition philosophies match up closely to what I believe and I am learning a lot. She is a big fan of green smoothies. I – admittedly – struggle with getting my greens in and have used one of her recipes as a template for a smoothie I’ve been making (and enjoying) for the past week or so.

I didn’t even mean to tweak it, but I went to the store to buy pineapple especially for this recipe and I purchased the pineapple. I did not; however, make it home with the pineapple. I ended up putting a half an organic banana in its place and added pineapple coconut water instead. It was really good! The next day I made the smoothie the same way (minus the pineapple), but put regular coconut water in it. I quickly learned that the pineapple cuts the “green taste” and needs to be part of the smoothie! I’ve been playing with bringing the banana down to half this amount to cut down the carbs (it goes down significantly), but you can sweeten to taste. Sometimes, I also double the hemp seed portion if I need some fats. Play with it! This is a great base to start from.

Green Smoothie

60g Driscoll’s Organic Fresh Strawberries
1 TBLS Crushed Hemp Seeds (bulk section Sprouts)
8oz Pineapple Vita Coco
1 cup Sprouts Organic Super Greens
48g Chiquita Organic Banana
1.5 cup of ice 

1) Pour all ingredients into your blender (I use a Ninja) and blend.
2) Blend some more to break down the straweberries and hemp.
3) Get a big straw and enjoy!

— 1 Serving (P:6.3g/C:40.2g/F:4.7/222 Calories)