By Coach BV

“If you get up one more time than you fall, you will make it through.” ~Chinese Proverb

So, who else is glad that 14.2 is over? I sure am.

I was really excited when 14.2 was announced. I thought it was a well-thought, deceptively hard WOD, but it looked like fun. Chest-to-bar pull ups are a strength of mine and it’s usually a movement that I can count on to get me ahead of the other athletes. I came in early on Sunday to get warmed up and mentally ready to hit it. I had it all planned out and looked forward to the Competitor Heat.

At 3-2-1 GO, it started out just as I had planned, with plenty of rest after Round 1 and a little less after Round 2. Then all of a sudden, the wheels just came off. The round of 14 kicked me square in the teeth. I ended up breaking the second set of overhead squats and at that point, I knew that I wouldn’t finish the round. And, I didn’t. I was mentally defeated. The worst part was that I knew I didn’t perform to the level I was capable of. I was angry at myself for the rest of the day. I was so angry that I actually thought about calling in sick to work on Monday so I could re-do the WOD. I even broke my favorite pair of sunglasses as I flung them across the back yard.

I understand that I’m not a Regional Competitor and I’m OK with that. What I’m not OK with is not doing the best that I know I can do. So, after having a few cocktails on Sunday (sorry Team Vayda Paleoholics) and sleeping on it, I got over it and decided to get back at it. I decided to get back to work, with a focused effort to take on 14.3 and just getting better. Period.

After my dismal performance on Sunday, I went to the station and PR’d my snatch from the blocks.

Moral of the Story: If you get knocked down, get right back up and keep fighting!

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  • Peach

    Love the blog post, love the moral of the story, but MOST of all I love the end of the video when BV says “Fu€k Yeah” really quietly

  • Andrea

    I love this. I love how crossfit transcends into life. Workouts, bad days at work, mean people, they all knock you down at some point. What makes you successful and strong is getting back up for more and not giving in to defeat. I feel so blessed to surround myself with you awesome people. Thank you for the inspiration. My blah day just got better after seeing this. SO much to be thankful for, just keep moving even if you have to carry the wheels that fall off the bike 🙂