February 4, 2014

WOD: Attempt PRs with as much warm-up and rest between efforts as needed of:

  • Deadlift 1RM
  • Row 1000m
  • Max Set of Pull Ups

CrossFit 101
WOD: For Time
Run 1 mile
Rest 2 minutes
Run 800m
Rest 2 mnutes
Run 400m
Rest 2 minutes
Run 200m
*Total time minus rest

1a) 4X5 Weighted Strict Ring Dips (DB between legs) + ME Kipping Ring Dips (drop DB, while still in support pos on rings, & begin ME Kipping) – heaviest possible, rest 90 sec.
1b) Back Squat: 4X8@80% – quick up and down with no pause every set, rest 90 sec.

WOD: 7 Rounds for Time
30 sec. ME Power Snatches 135/95#
30 sec. Rest
30 sec. ME Row for Cals
30 sec. Rest
30 sec. ME Muscle-Ups
30 sec. Rest

Lifts learns: Cleans and Jerks