December 14, 2013

Happy Birthday, David B!

ITS SATURDAY @ INCENDIA! Saturdays are a crowd favorite because each coach has the ability to program their own classes.

This week, we kick Saturday off right with Coach Matt at 7am CrossFit and 8am CrossFit Prep. If you haven’t met Coach Matt yet, get ready to lift some heavy weights. An excellent CrossFitter, accomplished CrossFit Competitor and Physical Therapy student, Matt knows his stuff and you are in for a treat. Also at 8am, Coach Amanda leads our fastest growing class, CrossFit Teens. Speed, agility AND strength? Where else can you find this type of program for 13-18 year olds?

At 9am, Coaches Holland and Amanda will lead the CrossFit 101/FREE Class. This class is open to EVERYONE. This is a chance for all levels and skill levels to try out CrossFit. If you are an Incendia member and you bring a friend, you will be entered to win a FREE Tiffany Hendrickson Gymnastics Seminar spot. (The seminars will be held on Sunday at Incendia.)

At 10am, Coach Holland will lead the last CrossFit class of the day. If you’ve experienced BH2’s Saturday Programming, you know you are in for a fun, yet hard, WOD.

Finally, we’ve got tons of competitors heading down to Tucson for the Garage Games this weekend. Go hard and rock that orange!