By Bryan Holland

When I first heard the announcement of 13.1 I was very excited. A 17 minute combination of the first two open WODs from 2012. Genius! Burpees are one of my favorite movements and the snatches were what held me back from qualifying for Regionals last year. Redemption!

Now I’am hearing a lot of you are afraid of doing this workout. Time to ease your fears. We have all done both of these workouts over the past few weeks and we all lived to post our scores on the whiteboard. This workout will be no different. Scratch that it will be different. About 99% of us did over 90 burpees our first time through right? Well guess what? In this workout you only have to do 90 burpees. And for the other 1% you will have 17 minutes to hit that mark. On to the snatches: 1 rep at a time. Remember your form and trust your strength. You will get through it. Enough said.

As we enter into this journey together the most important thing to remember is we are very fortunate to have the opportunity to be doing this worldwide competition. Dropping your 20 bucks and throwing your name in the hat already makes you more of a bad ass than 99% of the people in this world! Lets use these next 5 weeks to come together as a gym cheer like heck for one another and give our best on the floor towards whatever the minds at CrossFit want to throw at us. We will do this together!